What people are saying about us

You don’t have to have your ear pressed against the every door in Fleet Street to have noticed how much press coverage we’re getting.  For those of you who are deliberating over whether to join us or not, have a read through of these latest press reviews….it might just be time to believe the hype!

Press Coverage:

The Metro: “They arrive in handy pots you can easily put in your bag to take to work.”

Daily Express: “The diet definitely changed my attitude towards food. I felt healthier as I was eating a wide variety of fresh vegetables and health snacks.”

Ok! Magazine: “As well as being convenient, the Balance Box meals are ethically sourced and seasonal.  There is a lot of variety so you don’t get bored.”

Cosmopolitan Body Special: “Balance Box’s unique selling point is that all its food is super fresh…….I genuinely had more room in my jeans.”

New Magazine: “The evening meals are the best.  I loved the peri-peri chicken and chilli-con carne.”

Woman’s Own Diet Special: “It was refreshing to eat such a wide variety of meals over the week…..as well as losing 3 lb after a week, I slept better than I have done in years.”

Yahoo! Lifestyle: “Balance Box is all about nutrition but simplified into healthy balanced meals with snacks…….really simple and really yummy.”

Sunday Times Style: “Scrumptious, fresh, calorie-controlled meals on your doorstep in ready-to-eat pots.”  The Sunday Times’ Style Magazine

All in London: “To be honest, it barely felt like dieting.” allinLondon

You Magazine: “After 4 days I felt lighter, brighter and full of energy.”

Body Fit Magazine: “Made me realise diet food doesn’t have to be bland and boring.”  Body Fit Magazine

Zest Magazine: “Purse friendly, but the food is anything but budget – it is market-fresh, seasonal and ethically sourced.”  Zest Magazine

Healthista: “The food looked and tasted amazing and was in fact, the most delicious diet delivery I’ve ever tasted.” Healthista

Glamour: “The food was super tasty, nothing like those dietary prepped meals you get in the supermarket, it tastes homely.” Glamour


We have also had some lovely kind words from our regular ‘Balance Boxers’, check them out here. 

“It was amazing! Fresh ingredients put together with some simple and healthy recipes into perfectly sized pots…the fruit and nut bar snacks kept humger away and it didn’t ever feel like a diet!” Mille Mackintosh, Made In Chelsea Star

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your amazing food! I have tried many eating plans over the years and this is by far the most superior by a mile. In my first proper week of Balance Box I have lost 5 pounds whilst still eating healthily on my other 3 days and so you have completely revolutionised things for me and how I eat for the future.” Liz T

“I am loving the food, really impressed with the quality, and how nice it all is. I have tried other delivery box companies and this is by far the best food.” Alison

“In the first 3 days of Balance Box I’ve lost a further 3 lbs – a great kick start and motivator! The food is great quality and delicious.” Elaine, October 2013

“Balance Box is wonderful for me, I love the food and lost 10 lbs in the first couple of weeks, slower now. The one thing it highlights for me is the portion size. I’ve been overeating for years!”

“First day of balance box was yummy. Getting my fitness mojo back – Body Pump done – BOOM! 2013 is going to be my year of health!”

So what are you waiting for?

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