Balance Box adds ‘Mars Minerals’ to it’s food


Digital Illustration of Planet Mars

Digital Illustration of Planet Mars


Well, sort of. We didn’t (alas) get the minerals directly from Mars-but rather from a small asteroid which landed in the Namib desert, on the west coast of southern Africa. The asteroid is thought to have landed about 3,000 years ago, and was excavated in 2013 from a crater buried almost 100m  under the desert, by a team of German scientists. Further studies showed that it almost certainly came from Mars-the mineral content and rock formation parallels those of the Red Planet exactly.

When Balance Box founder, Jennifer Irvine, heard about it-and particularly that it was rich in soluble iron and magnesium-she met with the scientists as well as representatives of the Namibian Archaeology Society and the Food Standards Agency, to discuss ways of extracting-then using-the minerals.

Almost three years later, we are thrilled to confirm that the extraction and purification processes have been unequivocally successful, and the “Mars Minerals” will be added to our Balance Box recipes by the Summer!

Watch this (outer) space…