Adventurer’s Ultimate Bucket List




But… lovely though these sound, aren’t they a bit… tame?  If you’re in search of a more exhilarating list of Must Dos, look no further: We present our top 5 in the ultimate Bucket List for Adventurers!

Climb Everest.  We know – climbing the highest mountain in the world has become somewhat ubiquitous in the past few years.  But that doesn’t make it any less thrilling, challenging – or dangerous. You can pay companies to escort you up in style, but no amount of money can buy you the spirit and courage needed.  For the super adventurous, strap a para-glider to your back and leap once you reach the top… (Yes – it’s been done!)

Go somewhere no one else has ever been to.  It’s hard, but doable.  There are still some corners of the world untouched by human footprints – particularly in the East Indies, Borneo and Papua New Guinea.  Here you’ll find remote islands,  pristine jungle, and forgotten archipelagos.  (No, you can’t bring your GPS.)

Trek to one of the Poles. To really push yourself mentally and physically, head North.  The North Pole is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean (unlike the South with is on a landmass). This means there are no permanent stations or land markers.  (It also means that you will be pushed to the edge of human endurance – but then it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise, would it?)

Forget off-piste skiing – try Heli-skiing.  On a glacier.  Alaska perhaps?  Suddenly that black run in Chamonix doesn’t look so daunting after all.

Do do a marathon.  The Marathon des Sables.  6 marathons, 6 consecutive days.  In the Sahara.  Naked.  (Oh, OK, not naked.  Although frankly, after 6 days of slogging it out in the African heat, a bit of modesty is going to  be the least of your worries…)

Go on – be an adventurer.  There’s a whole world out there.