It’s That Time Of Year Again!

It's that time of year

It’s October which for many people – especially people with kids – means just one thing:  HALLOWEEN! This holiday, once celebrated by wearing a white sheet with holes cut out for eyes, and gorging on apples and nuts, has now become something of an all-out festival.  So this year, join in the fun – with these easy ideas for Halloween decorations.

Stop rolling your eyes – we promise this is as far removed from the tacky orange-and-black plastic tat surrounding you in supermarkets all over the land as is possible.  And it’s cheaper, and so easy!   (And yes we know that you expect more from your diet-delivery company of choice – where are our diet tips?  Where’s the healthy meal-plan?? Sorry, we can’t help it. It is Halloween after all…!)

Wall spider web: All you need for this is a roll of double-sided sticky-tape, and a roll of yarn (any colour, but grey / silver is best).  Cut small squares (you’ll need dozens, perhaps more!) of the tape and stick to a wall in increasing circles (as small or as large as you like).  Stick the yarn to this, in “spokes” from the central point, and then join the spokes in circles, starting from the inner “web”.  Let the yarn drape between the spokes to create a web effect.  Finish off with plastic spiders.

Lamp-shade Silhouettes:  This is easy and cheap, but looks fabulous.  Simply cut some desired shapes out of black card (we suggest bats or ghosts) and using tape, stick them to the inside of smooth, light-coloured lampshades.  Once turned on, the lights will show off the fun silhouettes to spooky effect!  (Just always be sure that no part of the card or tape is touching, or very close to, the bulb. You want all Halloween bonfires to stay outdoors…)

Sparkly Pumpkins:  Forget Jack O’Lanterns – glitzing up the pumpkin is where it’s at!  Simply take a few pumpkins of different sizes, paint them in soft, pastel colours (light blue and mint-green are always winners), daub the top third (around the stem, and dripping down towards the middle) in paper-glue, and sprinkle liberally with gold or silver glitter.

Paper Bag Lights:  Again, easy and spectacular.  Simply take brown paper bags, cut out the required shapes (using a stencil, or by free-hand, if you’re artsy enough) or words (using a punch-hole), and place a small tea-light inside.  Leave the bag open when you light the candle, and voila!  Art in a bag.

Rodent Stair-Creepers:  This is just a fancy way of saying “Silhouettes of rats and / or mice on your stair risers (or skirting boards)”. Find some rat or mice shapes online, print off and cut out in black card. Then stick to your stair risers and along skirting boards,  to give a shudder to passing guests