5 Things to pack for a memorable festival experience!

Chances are you’ll be going with the usual English festival flow this summer – a field, some mud, and a bit of rain.  Here are 5 sensible packing essentials to ensure your weekend is one to remember – for the right reasons!

Anti-bacterial Gel:  Small, light and invaluable for squeaky-clean and germ-free hands.  You want to bring home only memories, not a dodgy tummy!

Baby Wipes:  Of course you’re planning on having a shower every day, but sometimes the best plans go awry, which is when baby wipes come into their own.  And even if they don’t, and you do manage to stay clean, wipes will clean mud off almost anything.

Ear-Plugs:  No need to go too rock’n’roll with these – the common foam or wax variety will protect your ears from the deepest bass, as well as shielding you  from that party right outside your tent at 4am!

Allergy Tablets:  If you’re prone to hay-fever, your festival weekend could end up being a miserable experience.  Pack these, and breathe easy, and be grateful for the sunshine.  Speaking of which…

Sun screen and a hat:  It’s not always raining at festivals – in fact paramedics at festivals are often inundated with sun-stroke victims.   Don’t be caught unawares:  slap on the factor 30 (at least) and don your appropriately cool hat before heading out into the sunshine.  And remember to drink plenty of water!