4 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Matcha Better For Your Health

Matcha, powder green tea in black plate

Last year, we all went mad for Japan’s most coveted green tea, the Matcha variety. It hit the wellness scene hard, becoming one of the most sought after, must-have ingredients for nutritionists, gym bunnies and health gurus alike. We baked, blended and sipped it too for ultimate health. So, could this green magic be your New Year’s detox saviour?

What is Matcha?
Matcha is a powder made from green tea leaves, giving is distinct bright green colouring. Unlike a regular brewed green tea, Matcha’s powdered form means you’re consuming stoneground tea leaves, providing you a host of health benefits. In nutritional terms, 1 glass of Matcha is the equivalent to 10 glasses of regular green tea. So what makes it so special?


Catechins are the jewels in Matcha tea’s crown. They are potent antioxidants known as EGCGs which provide a powerful nutritional punch. The high volume of catechins in Matcha, makes it an antioxidant powerhouse, promoting health by fighting against illness, preventing diseases, reducing cholesterol and boasts anti cancerous properties by stopping cancer cell growth.


Fat Burning Machine
As a very low calorie tea, swapping your third latte for the day for a cup of the green stuff will help promote weight loss. However, Matcha also has very special weight control abilities. It effects your satiety hormone, revs your metabolism and research has even shown the EGCGs to stop fat cells growing, although words out on this one.


The high levels of amino acid L-theanine has been shown to create a feeling of calm alertness. Containing up to five times more than other teas and counteracting the effects of the caffeine, it can sustain energy levels and concentration unlike the normal coffee crashes.

Matcha’s unique powder properties gives its drinkers a natural detoxification. The grounded tea leaves retain their chlorophyll, a substance which helps to remove toxins and metals away from your body.


Go forth and Matcha!

The traditional way is the best and most simple way to gain from its health benefits. However, you can add the powder to (almost) anything! We’re talking brownies, cakes, pancakes for a health kick when you’re treating yourself.